Kids United uses Xap Childcare Software to manage our CCSS processes.

Xap has an easy-to-use App and Guardian Portal which allows you, as the guardian to manage your own data, in your own time.

To ensure that you receive the best experience out of the Xap Smile App and Guardian Portal, we have attached the following brief guides to assist you in getting started with Xap.

get started

Getting onto the system is easy!

  1. Activate your Xap Account
  2. Download the Guardian Smile and login – Android | iOS and login

next Steps

Complete your data, setup Direct Debit and assign permissions.

  1. Setup your Kiosk Pin for signing in & out– App | Guardian Portal
  2. Setup your direct debit so your payments are processed – App | Guardian Portal
  3. Manage your child’s Information – App | Guardian Portal
  4. Manage your contact information – App | Guardian Portal
  5. Accept the service declarations – App | Guardian Portal
  6. Review your child’s enrolment information in the Guardian Portal

Day to Day

Your setup is done, what’s next?

  1. How to sign your child in and out of the kiosk
  2. Viewing Statements and Invoices – App | Guardian Portal
  3. Request Bookings – App | Guardian Portal
  4. Add a Nominee – App | Guardian Portal

Please speak to our of our Kids United staff members if you are have any questions regarding our Xap portal or app.